Brad Never Envisioned Writing Music Until…

I was born into a Christian home with parents who loved our Lord. When I accepted Christ as a pre-teen, I didn’t really understand how life’s experiences and trials would mature me to where I am today. God’s patience and watchful hand has made the journey a blessed and wonderful experience!

Singing in church stirred my love of music from an early age. I started piano at age 6, and went to guitar by age 12. As a teen, I played in rock and roll bands and toured with church groups. My music eventually migrated to a late 60’s and early 70’s genre which influences the style of my music today.

My loving Christian wife of over 40 years and I have two daughters, both of which were gifts from God through adoption. Reflecting back reminds me how I have been blessed beyond my own imagination. I continued my love for music throughout my college years while receiving a Juris Doctorate. For several years my law practice took up the majority of my time but also served to solidify my belief in God. He has blessed me by allowing my life experiences to be used for His glory by bringing music back as an important part of my life. He has put people and circumstances in my life to expand my abilities enabling me to deliver His message of peace, hope and salvation.

Guitar music has always been an outlet of expression for me, but I never envisioned writing music until the melodies and words started to come. I owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to Rebecca C. Lashaway who was my co-writer on the earlier works and to Eyvonne C. Palmer who added just the right backup instrumentation, design and technical assistance to show me that a simple guitar melody could actually become an inspirational work. Without these two Ladies Godly interaction, this Quest would have long ago been abandoned.

My desire is that you receive peace, comfort and inspiration from our music. It is my sincere and heartfelt prayer that you come to know the grace of God’s only Son, become a soldier for our Savior, and live a life changed for His glory.

May you be uplifted and blessed by God through His only Son, Jesus

Bradford L. Moore